Julie Farley knows how important it is for women to feel good about themselves, and everyday, she works to brighten women's spirits through the use of makeup, lotions, soaps and sprays. As the owner of the Make-Up Studio, located in downtown Spokane, Washington, Julie sees the impact she has on women, many of whom are celebrating important life experiences such as weddings and anniversaries or who are going to first-time job interviews or important meetings.

However, Julie understands the simple truth that there are other women whose circumstances do not allow them to share in those events with the same amount of self-esteem. She knows that, whatever the situation, the need for women to feel positive about their self-image must not be minimized.

She has, therefore, founded Project Beauty Share®. Project Beauty Share® is an opportunity to provide make-up to women who are seeking stability in their lives. Through this venture, Julie seeks to provide safe and hygienic make-up to women-in-need to help them feel better and stronger about who they are and what they can do. Her personal goal is to be a small part of their ongoing and improving success.

Julie is a professional with a heart who believes the beauty is in the giving.
In October 2010, Project Beauty Share® received its 501(c)3 status.